One Design Construction & Development

"A constructive approach to construction"

One Design Construction and Development is a Texas-based construction firm with more than 25 years of experience as General Contractors. We specialize in new build and remodeling services for residential, commercial, and industrial trades.


General Contractors

Here at One Design, we offer a broad range of expertise in various developments. Our strong suit is end-user is construction.


We have a keen sense of interpreting the vision of our clients. Our company specializes in merging pre-existing building designs with new concepts in an innovative process from start to finish.

Multi-use + Mix-use Development

Multi-use developments call for intricately detailed management. Our years of experience in the industry has allowed us to service these projects with a highly knowledgeable approach.


Our Consultants are leaders in all construction-related fields. We offer general construction, engineering design, and build. we always provide service that is in the best interest of our client.


Our mission is to always take a "constructive approach to construction". As a minority-owned construction firm, we pride ourselves on the opportunity to be a part of the growth and development of the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex.

We strive to be the liaison between our client's vision and end results. Our dedication, expertise, and connection with the community serve as a driving force towards our goals.

Trade Competencies

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